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Board Members

Vista Pop Warner Board of Directors 2017


Maggie Quigless


Name:  Maggie Quigless

Years with VPW:  2013- Current

Board Position: President

Email: president@vistapopwarner.com

Current Team Positions: Board Member, Cheer Coordinator,  Cheer Coach, Booster Member-Vista High School

Previous Held Positions:

I have been a Team Parent 4 years, Assistant Cheer Coach 3 years and joined the VPW Board 2013-2014 as Fundraiser Coordinator .

I was born and raised in Victorville Ca . I have been involved in football since High School . I was a student trainer for all athletic sports @ Victor Valley High School 1993-1997 . I attended Grossmont Collage 1998-2001 . I have been involved with Pop Warner Football since 2005. My son started playing football when he was 5 years old in San Diego, Chula Vista and East Lake . Moved to Vista in 2008 and my son started playing football with the Wildcats, Vista Pop Warner . My husband Shane Quigless has coached Football at Vista Pop Warner for a couple years and now a Assistant Coach at Vista High School. I have 2 daughters currently in Cheer and loving every bit of it. One has been Cheering for 3 years now . Other one will be starting this year in Flag Cheer .  I am looking forward to a wonderful year and great future at Vista Pop Warner .


Andrew M. Staicer
Vice President
Vice President@VistaPopWarner.com

Name:  Andrew M. Staicer

Years with VPW:  2010- Current

Board Position: Vice President

Email: VicePresident@VistaPopWarner.com

Current Team Positions: Board Member, Head Coach Pee Wee Longhorns

Previous Held Positions: Defensive Coordinator Junior Midget Panthers, Publicity Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator Pee Wee Panthers, Defensive Coordinator Junior Pee Wee Panthers, Defensive Backs Coach Junior Pee Wee Wild Panthers, Business Manager, Defensive Backs Coach Midwood High School Brooklyn, NY

Publicity Coordinator: 2013, 2014
Vice President: Appointed for 2015, Elected for 2016-2017

Vice President Position Description:

The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all the duties and have all the powers of the President. He/she shall also have such other powers and perform such other duties as shall be assigned to him/her by the Board.

Name:  Carolyn Douglas

Years with VPW:  2005- Current

Board Position: Secretary

Email: Secretary@VistaPopWarner.com



Current Team Positions:

Time with VPW: 2012-current

School: Rancho Buena Vista High School

Previous Positions: Team Parent, Business Manager, Publicity Coordinator, Team Parent Rep.

I was born in Yuma Arizona and spent most of my childhood moving around while my dad served in the USMC.  We finally landed in Oceanside CA where I attend Jefferson Middle School. We later moved to Vista CA where I attended Mission Meadows Elementary then went to Madison Middle School and graduated in 2001 from Rancho Buena Vista GO LONGHORNS!!!!

I have two children, our son who has been with Vista Pop Warner since he was 5.  He now plays tackle and loves it, and our daughter is 13 and has been cheering with VPW.  I have been around VPW since I was in middle school with my family so this is something I live and breath.  I love being apart of VPW and seeing how much the kids grow and how much VPW helps kids become great at what they do.

I cant wait to get this season started and be apart of the FUN, EXCITEMENT and FAMILY that is VISTA POP WARNER!!

Carolyn Douglas


The Secretary keeps the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, maintains all records, and ensures that all notices are fully given in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Association By Laws or as required by Law. Duties also include securing facilities for all meetings and trainings and maintaining the contact database.


Lisa Laureltorres

Email: 2016treasurer@vistapopwarner.com

I’ve been involved with VPW since 2012 when my youngest son started playing football.  I was born in San Diego and my parents moved us to Vista in 1978, where I have remained happily ever since.  I’ve worked in an accounting capacity for a local technology company for the past 10 years.  My oldest son graduated from Vista High School in 2013 and my youngest will be entering 7th grade this fall.  It’s been a privilege for me and my Husband to be on the field watching all the kids build their confidence, teamwork, and friendships.  This community means a lot to me and I’m excited for the opportunity to serve on the VPW Board.  I look forward to meeting more of you!  Let’s Go Vista!!!


The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the association financial records. He/she shall furnish, prepare and keep a full set of books of account, showing every detail of the Corporation activities and accounts and all receipts and disbursements of every name and nature and the amount of cash on hand and money owed by the association or owed to it, and any other such information as may be in the judgment of said Treasurer, pertinent or such as may be required by the Board of Directors. A summary financial report shall be given at monthly board meetings.

Ruben Arceo

Football Commissioner

Football Commissioner:

The Football Director is first and utmost the liaison between the Board of Directors and the coaching staffs. The Director must be aware of and communicate the needs, requests, and information needed to both parties. The Football Director must know all rules and procedures pertaining to coaches and players and relay and enforce them.


Name:  Marleen Reyes

Years with VPW:

Board Position: Cheer Coordinator

Email: Cheer@VistaPopWarner.com

Current Team Positions:

Previous Held Positions:



Marleen Reyes
Cheer Coordinator

Cheer Coordinator:

The Cheer Director is first and utmost the liaison between the Board of Directors and the coaching staffs. The Director must be aware of and communicate the needs, requests, and information needed to both parties. The Cheer Director must know all rules and procedures pertaining to coaches and cheerleaders and relay and enforce them.

Open Position
Business Representative

Business Representative

The Board Business Manager is responsible for the business activities that directly involve the teams. This includes the proper maintenance of team records (rosters, certification forms, insurance forms, etc.) and the collection of various funds from the team.


Sandra Andino Bowman
Players Agent

Hi my is name is Sandra and this is my first year on the Vista Pop Warner Board. My family has been with Vista Pop Warner since 2008 when my twins played  until they move on to playing for RBV and I’m still in  involved until my youngest son Jakob moves on.

In the past seasons I have been Business Mgr for my son Jakob’s team 3 out of 5 seasons he played. But being on the VPW Board is a new challenge for me but at the same time rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to get to know our players, cheerleaders and their family.

Player agent:

The player agent assists the association president in carrying out the important responsibility of establishing and maintaining the eligibility of player personnel. However, the final responsibility for the qualification of player candidates and association personnel resides with the president.

Robert Vicks 2








Robert Vicks
Equipment Manager

Robert has coached Pop Warner football in New Orleans for 8 years. He has coached here at Vista just one, but looks forward to many more years. He has coached basketball and baseball for the city of Oceanside Rec. I look forward to continue to serve the youths of Vista.

Snack Bar Manager:

The Snack Bar Manager shall purchase all supplies for the snack bar and designate working schedules for each participating team. He/she must handle any emergencies arising with such teams. He/she is to keep an accurate account of all monies disbursed and received and make weekly deposits to the Treasurer. At the end of each season, the books and monies must be turned over to the Treasure for audit. In removing of cash, the snack bar coordinator will count the cash with another member at the time any cash is removed from the register. This will be signed off by the two removing the cash.





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Open Position


Snack Bar Manager

Equipment Manager:

The Equipment Manager shall be responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and distributing to the coaches, officers or other designated persons any and all equipment and other supplies as necessary to carry out the athletic and business functions of the Association.

Open Position

Team Parent

Publicity Coordinator





Publicity Coordinator:

The Publicity Coordinator is to publicize to the players, cheerleaders, parents and the general public, the Andrew Hill Youth Football & Cheer story. Duties also include managing the flyer distribution and sign up processes, publishing the association newsletter and working to promote the program and its services.

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Trevor Peetz

Fundraiser Coordinator

Fundraiser Coordinator:


The Fundraiser Coordinator is responsible for the fundraising activities of the Association and/or individual teams.  This includes researching potential fundraising opportunities, scheduling vendor presentations, and managing the distribution of fundraising products and awards.


Steve Sibiski

Field Manager

Field Manager:

The Field Director is responsible for all items pertaining to the use of the practice and game fields, scoreboard, restrooms, chain set, down markers, line markers, PA system, etc.

Crystal Schlade
Little Scholars


My name is Crystal Schlade and this is my third season with Vista Pop Warner and my first year on the board.   I am a mother of five with two current football players in the league and one amazing cheerleader. My past experience includes being a team parent as well as a business manager. I am excited to be your Little Scholars representative for the season! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Little Scholars

The Little Scholars Rep shall be responsible for obtaining report cards from each team member. He/she shall be responsible for the distribution and collection, from each eligible team member, the Conference Little Scholar application form. He/she, in conjunction with the President, shall be responsible for the evaluation of each submittal and recommendation to participate in National Conference.